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Stop Sign Project

An interactive pop-up experience that raises awareness of the societal impact of overconsumption and its effects on well-being.
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We are constantly bombarded with marketing messages that create a desire for the latest must-have products, making it all too easy to indulge in impulse buying. With advancing technology and services, purchasing becomes increasingly effortless.

Stop Sign Project is an interactive pop-up experience that informs people about how our society promotes quick consumption of products and encourages people to pause and reflect before making purchases.

The hexagonal prism installation consists of impulse buying scenarios that invite participants to uncover their buying patterns and understand the consequences of excessive consumerism. As participants complete these scenarios, they can also interact with the community-sharing panel, prompting them to share how their lives might be improved if they pause before purchasing and buying less stuff. Participants can share their thoughts or vote on existing ones that resonate the most with them.

Stop Sign Project advocates a shift towards a more mindful consumption culture.