Made by Ashley Marie Quinn Brynn Shepherd


Stormlines was inspired by the personal experiences of Ashley and Brynn during Hurricane Sandy. During the storm, Brynn was stuck in San Francisco, and was frustrated by the lack of context surrounding storm-related news while Ashley spent her days awaiting news from untouched Bushwick. As we began gathering research for the project, we realized that the Internet’s emphasis on real-time information made it very difficult to find data from the past. It was nearly impossible, for example, to retrieve the specific weather conditions on the day of the storm to use in our prototype. Stormlines helps solve this problem by enabling a public archive of disaster-related information that is easily accessible during emergency situations and not forgotten once these events pass.

By aggregating all of this information in one place we can more easily understand and pinpoint the problems surrounding the preparation and handling of naturally occurring disasters. Our initial problem identified, that information on the web is dispersed and fleeting, brought us to a final conclusion that by having a place to archive this information we will be able to provide a tool to the public to better prepare for, survive and remember these important events.

Stormlines: A Crowd-Sourced Archive of Natural Disasters

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