Story Dragon

Made by Sarah Adams

Dragon Story shows what the possibilities of incorporating thecnology, play, and health could be. Many children face months, or a lifetime, of attending physical therapy. Carried out by health practitioners, the exercises are often done in solitude and can be de-moralizing. Taking exercises home means trying to adjust to new routines and habits, often with little feedback.

This project re-imagines what therapy could be like if children were excited to do it, and empowered on their own to take charge of their health. A game ecosystem surrounds the child in therapy. A dragon-styled smart device is worn by the kid to track activity levels, a kinect camera records exercise movements into a video game, and therapists are able to see the data collected to measure goal reaching. Two important elements emphasized, are the impact of real-world activities in the digital one, and encouraging collaboration among the kids. As the children were more active, and carrying around their dragon with sensors, they unlocked parts of the story and world in the game.

There were hundreds of mini-games mapped to different exercises, and adjusted for the children’s ability. The games could be played at the therapy center or at home, and provide visual feedback for correct exercise posture. Children could team up within the game to unlock more parts of the story, and more easily win the games. This collaboration could happen online or in person.

The movement tracker is actually in the shape of a dragon. It can be worn in several ways

Through various games and story-building

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