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Streamline is a service that empowers locals to rent their idle goods to tourists who want to travel lightly. It seeks to connect travelers’ destination needs to shared resources in a local community. By helping locals capitalize on their underused goods (and save space in their home too), Streamline creates opportunity by providing luggage-free travel as well as offering an alternative to existing storage options.

Streamline allows locals to post, promote, and lend their idle goods. They are incentivized to participate because they can store their unused items for a reasonable one-time fee, and make money at the same time. Tourists, on the other hand, can avoid the hassle of traveling with large, bulky items by renting through Streamline. By selecting from a variety of goods located right at their travel destination, tourists can have items delivered right to their place of stay for use during their vacation. When returning for home, they can simply leave behind the places they rented instead of packing them up.