Surveillance Stories
Making sense of surveillance culture through personal storytelling

Made by Meghana Khandekar

Since Edward Snowden leaked his first NSA documents, the world has learned the size and reach of the US and world surveillance programs. But after the initial alarm that comes with every news report, many of us retreat to status quo, because surveillance culture is portrayed in media as a policy and data centric topic. Surveillance is complicated, and people are not yet sure what it means to them, what it could mean some day, and what they can do about it. There is a lack of personal connection with the public conversation and news cycle about it.

Surveillance Stories gathers and indexes personal experiences with surveillance culture, surfaces ways to respond to the issues both personally and civically, and invites people to become better versed in the language of surveillance.

OPEN IxD 2014: Connect, Meghana Khandekar

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