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A marketplace and community for video game enthusiasts to exchange games and connect through similar interests.

Video game players barely touch their games after completing them. Although they may try to trade those undesired games at game shops, the meager prices offered result in a loss of the game’s value.

Swapp is a mobile application designed for video game enthusiasts to exchange their games. It serves as both a marketplace, enabling players to retain the value of their game, and a community, connecting individuals with similar interests.

Swapp‘s warehouse provides an avenue for video game enthusiasts to send in their unwanted games. Upon receipt, it verifies the games and lists them on the platform. Interested parties can then request a swap, and if both parties come to an agreement, it facilitates the delivery process. It also provides a place for people to post and explore a diverse range of content, fostering a sense of community. Individuals can connect and engage with others in meaningful interactions.