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A playful way for young adults to nurture healthy eating habits.

Young adulthood is a pivotal phase in life for many people. It is usually associated with increased responsibilities and troubled life, including- financial independence, career development, and starting a family. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems less important for young adults since many things are on their plates. Over time, the carelessness towards their health increases the risks of morbidities and chronic diseases in the future. One of the healthy lifestyle factors is eating. More and more studies prove that the brain directly affects the stomach and intestines. This gut-brain connection goes in mutual ways—if one faces trouble functioning, the other will be affected.

Tabemon is a playful habit-forming app for busy young adults that makes mindful eating more manageable and fun. Tabemons are magical creatures that guide you to eat mindfully and whose life fully counts on you—you are the creator of their appearance, and your healthy eating actions are the only source of their power. They are easy to find by taking on new challenges. Once the challenges are accepted, Tabemons become your companions to support you throughout your journey. You help them grow by helping yourself eat mindfully.