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Tales to Tell

A cooperative storytelling game that sparks imaginations, encourages creative self-expression and fosters family bonding through collaboration.

The ability to comprehend and communicate through reading and writing are the most important skills that children develop in elementary school. In a normal school year, kids have the advantage of encouragement from their teachers and exposure to writing assignments that give them the practice and confidence that they need. Since the pandemic began, the line between home and school has been blurred. Home, usually a fun zone, has become the school zone. It has been hard for parents to get their children to do the important but boring literacy practice that schoolwork provides. When my own children started to balk at this school work, I began to explore ways to make literacy practice fun.

Tales to Tell brings literacy alive and creates a participatory and immersive experience that allows kids to build their own entertaining stories. It is a game that teaches by playing, incorporating vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and written expression into a narrative. Players are guided to create a story together, using cards that show typical sentences and story elements. They work together to build their story’s path, developing details to enrich the tale. Tales to Tell reinforces ideas of literacy and storytelling while making them fun for the whole family.

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