The Perceptionalist

Made by Catherine Young

To demonstrate how the senses can be both bridge between memory and creativity and a catalyst to the creative process, The Perceptionalist is a series of projects that engaged one or a combination of the senses.

  • Sight: Rorsketch is an interactive project that allows participants to draw what they see in clouds.
  • Smell: Smellbound is a service that allows participants to create a digital olfactory timeline and to publish their own book of smells that contains microencapsulated odors printed on paper that correspond to a specific memory.
  • Touch: The Hug Vest and HugPrints allow participants to make hugging more fun by wearing a vest that had visual feedback.
  • Hearing and Taste: EatPoetry is a literary dining event that pairs poetry with food.

While these projects can occur separately, they can also co-exist in the form of a "sense kit" which contains all these concepts in a physical, non-digital format. They have been demonstrated in specific real-world scenarios, such as the Intrepid Museum and a TEDx conference.

IN/VISION 2012: Catherine Young, "The Perceptionalist"

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