A networked health platform

Made by Sera Koo Tina Ye Michael Yap

We were challenged to propose a solution for empowering patients to make lasting lifestyle changes and be supported through a network of nurses and health coaches. In response, our team proposed Thrive.

Thrive is a networked health platform that seamlessly integrates digital products in people's everyday lives for a healthier future.

Thrive was designed with three characteristics in mind.

  • Embeddedness: Re-imagining "health devices" as "life devices" by embedding digital interventions into the fabric of people's everyday lives.
  • Intimacy and Trust: Building mutual trust, support and accountability through curating small groups of people with similar needs.
  • Clarity: Gaining clarity about one's own health through data tracking, self-reporting, visualizations and predictive algorithms.

Together, Thrive is about people first and patients second.