Travel Planning User Research

Made by Pamela Jue Beth Wernet


The project consisted of two rounds of interviews with roughly 7 users for each round. In the first round we conducted 1-1 interviews with young travelers visiting NYC at Hostelling International. Our main goal was to find out what issues they came across before and during their trip. Most of our questions revolved around their planning process and how satisfied they were with their trip. Our main takeaway was that travelers were generally satisfied with their planning process but when they applied for their visas, it was extremely time-consuming and difficult.    

We realized that we needed to talk to users that were in the middle of planning a trip to get a better sense of what specifically was difficult about the visa process. The second round consisted of 1-1 interviews and listening labs where we observed users interacting with websites to plan and find information for their upcoming trips. It was even more evident that the single biggest challenge for these users was knowing if they needed a visa, finding relevant information, and going through the process.

An overview of our research process

The result of one of our listening labs