Made by Prachi Pundeer

Traverse is a storytelling tool that lets you craft engaging stories about your travel by stitching together your experiences as a composition.

Today smartphones and semi-professional cameras allow travelers to capture enormous amounts of data while traveling. The only places you can share your experiences are linear streams of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr where the stories lose importance as they get older. Or people have to go through the painful process of editing and selecting the best media out of hundreds that they capture in order to share an album on Facebook or Flickr.

Traverse lets you easily create immersive and experiential compositions out of things you capture, as you are traveling. It presents these stories in a non-linear way, just how we actually experience them through different senses. The juxtaposition of different media creates new connections, surfaces new patterns, and hence allows you tell more meaningful stories. These stories then serve as inpsiration for other travelers.