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A map-based platform to discover new things about your city


For thousands of years, maps have
enabled humans to navigate and understand space. In their earliest
forms, maps charted stars and simple landscape features to develop
awareness of their creator’s surroundings. From cave walls, to
stone tablets, to paper, and now to digital devices, maps have been
consistently updated to capture and display information relevant to
our daily lives. Therefore, as our lives and our environment become
more dynamic, so must our maps.

Cities are dynamic, but maps still
struggle to capture how fast a city can change and the type of
information sought by its occupants. As a map-based platform to
discover and create real-time, searchable information about places
and things in your city, Turf does just that. By leveraging the
knowledge and experience of the community, Turf creates an inclusive,
interactive, and real-time view of your surroundings. Turf reshapes a
tool that has guided us for thousands of years for use in our
contemporary cities.