Upcycle is a fast and convenient pick-up and trade-in service for all your unwanted electronics.

For our Strategic Innovation project, we addressed electronic waste. It is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. New technology is introduced more frequently than ever before and consumers are pressured to constantly purchase new items, however, many people don't know what to do with their "outdated" electronics. Unfortunately, most of our electronic waste gets shipped to developing countries where it is broken down in hazardous and unhealthy conditions to resell precious and rare metals found inside these devices.

Our team underwent a deep discovery phase, created prototypes, consulted with numerous industry experts, and participated in a ten-hour hackathon. From our research we realized that we needed to make electronic waste recycling simple and accessible to the public. To encourage people to adopt recycling habits, we designed a pick up service that is fast, free, convenient and highly accessible to the public. It meets people at their point of need and rewards recycling habits.

Faculty: Roger Mader and Criswell Lappin.


Upcycle Pitch Video

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