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A combination of mobile app and physical product to improve communication and understanding between couples.

Couples may think they know everything about their significant other, but many don’t. Some people don’t even understand themselves because individuals change and evolve constantly. There can always be something new to discover in romantic relationships. People change and shape themselves according to different situations. Few couples think about trying to understand their partners because they are too busy managing day-to-day tasks. This lack of time can lead to miscommunication, which can cause misunderstandings in romantic relationships.

So, how can couples improve the quality of communication and understanding within their relationships?

Us is a mobile app and physical game kit that contains different tools to improve communication and understanding for couples. The game kit allows couples to play with the four senses to create a safe and calming environment to have meaningful conversations. Deeper discussion topics are unlocked as the game progresses. As a bonus, a fun voucher system keeps things exciting and entertaining.

To sum things up, Us helps create a fun way for couples to dive deep into their relationship and help them understand themselves and their partner better.