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Empowering high school students to navigate career choices by embracing their inner qualities and going on real-life field trips.

High school students struggle with their identities and are easily influenced by others’ opinions. It can be challenging to make decisions about college majors or future career paths that are suitable for them. Career counseling services built into schools often fail to provide a comprehensive outlook on one’s characteristics and lack access to broad explorations of different industry fields. Younique aims to fill in the gaps and take students through delightful self-exploration journeys.

Younique includes card activities that give students an engaging environment to look within themselves through prompts. After finding their own qualities, they will be matched with different industries and field trips curated by professionals through the Younique mobile app, which helps them practice hands-on tasks to understand the industries and their true likings on a deeper level.

With Younique, high school students embrace their own characteristics, empower their skills, and distill life experiences into passionate career paths.