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Brenda Hawley headshot

Brenda Hawley

Class of 2022


A hobby/obsession turned decade-long career had Brenda living out her childhood dream of designing in the fashion industry. Starting with a local company and working her way up to creative direction for a global brand, she’s run the gamut across kids, menswear, and womenswear, doing everything from technical design to trend forecasting.

While Brenda’s love of design is what drove her fashion path, her insatiable curiosity and human-driven focus is what’s pushing her to explore new adventures in interaction design––taking her back to her core belief: design is about people. Truth be told, she doesn’t know what to expect down this new road, but she knows that her broad design acumen, creative thinking, and love of people (especially kiddos) has her armed with all the necessary tools to build a second, purposeful, and impactful career in interaction design.

Brenda is originally from Seattle and enjoys all of the typical Pacific Northwest things: tall trees, low-tide, and overpriced coffee. As a self-titled Creative Jill-of-All-Trades, she relishes in exploring hands-on, artsy (and sometimes messy) curiosities.

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