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Junbae Choi headshot

Junbae Choi

Class of 2022


Design always needs strong sources. Junbae received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and business management before he majored in design. He also worked at Citigroup and Bain & Company as a research assistant, which led to his interest in design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts and working mostly as a brand designer in several companies, Junbae became deeply interested in interaction design and decided to pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts in Interaction Design at the school.

Design is the integrative output of human psychology, business strategy and visualization. That’s why he majored in interaction design, graphic design, psychology, and business management. These various experiences always help him find unique solutions during the design process. Junbae is an interaction designer who loves collaborating with other people in a team to solve a variety of problems. When designing, he always starts with understanding the essence of the matter. Then, he imagines a solution from different points of view to avoid limiting himself.

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