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Junghye Hwang headshot

Junghye Hwang

Class of 2024


Junghye Hwang is a former art director and current interaction designer from Seoul, South Korea. She earned her BFA in advertising from the School of Visual Arts. After graduating, Junghye gained professional experience in various fields, including UX design, fashion advertising, and content design.

Being a part of creative and intuitive projects with prestigious brands was a fruitful experience. However, Junghye wanted to quench the thirst for developing a platform that connects people more closely and creates community. Moreover, as a firm believer in the power of psychology in human interaction, Junghye wanted to continue her education in user experience to design a user-centric service to better connect people.

In her free time, Junghye likes watching classic films, going for walks in the park, and enjoying a good cup of coffee. For Junghye, there’s no better way to gain inspiration than a morning walk in the park, taking in the fresh air and appreciating the warm cup of coffee in her hand.

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