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Kaitlin Carano

Class of 2020


I am an interaction designer, researcher, storyteller, and yoga teacher currently pursuing my MFA in Interaction Design from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). The connection that has tied all the threads of my life together has always been a curiosity about people.

This curiosity led me down a winding road to explore many disciplines including studying Neurobiology and Studio Art at Georgetown University, becoming a 500hr certified yoga teacher, honing my digital marketing skills to help people with rare diseases feel less alone, training in high-touch hospitality, and taking classes in philosophy, journalism, and world history. With each new path, I collected a perspective or lens through which to view the world. Along the way, I found myself particularly excited by moments of connection with another person that gives insight into how they experience the world.

In both my work and my life, I aim to meet the world with courage, vulnerability, curiosity, humility, and openness. By bringing that approach to the design process, I hope to be able to tackle impossible problems with diverse teams of people to create products or services that improve people’s lives.

When not studying, I am likely escaping into nature and chasing new adventures in places, activities, and perspectives.

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