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Kenrick Ramsay

Class of 2020


At a young age, Kenrick had a passion to understand people, from their personalities to their many different quirks. Now, he wants to focus that understanding towards solving everyday problems and creating innovative ideas to help better people’s lives. From understanding how to communicate the value of a product and capture the interest of a user, to effectively providing critical data to help a user make a timely decision,  He’s always exploring new ways to empower users.

After completing a BS in Graphic Design & Digital Media from Johnson & Wales University, he turned his attention to helping develop startups and progressive companies. As a designer, he believes design is in the DNA of great products, brands, and ideas and it has the power to solve and improve processes to better the way people work and interact with technology.  He enjoys thinking about experience-based solutions through the use of design and technological implications. He loves working day-to-day on projects that require multidisciplinary skills solving complex issues that make the lives of people better.

Attending SVA, Kenrick will develop new prospects and essential ideas through his term. As well, he’s excited about meeting new faces from all walks of life especially in the design world. Born and raised in Brooklyn, you can find Kenrick learning about new things in the world around him, playing video games with friends, and doodling in his sketchbook.

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