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Minjung Kim

Class of 2020


· Facebook HQ Product Designer with 8 years of experience ─ Enjoys the cycle of a rapid product thinking-test-iterate process with a passion for providing human-centered design, in-depth data analysis, intersectional content and business strategy.
· Worked for LINE and NAVER corporation in the past 6 years as a Product Designer for Messenger, AI Speaker, E-commerce, and Enterprise Products.
· Led a design team as a Senior UX/UI Designer for a mobile-first video streaming app in a startup, Hyperconnect.
· Created detailed user interfaces and interactions with a strong graphic sensibility for iOS and Android apps.

Specialties: Figma, Sketch3, Origami, Protopie, Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Suite, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Arduino, Processing3, and Git.

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