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Myunghwe Ku headshot

Myunghwe Ku

Class of 2022


Myunghwe is an interaction designer from Seoul, South Korea. Growing up as disabled from an early age, he is very interested in improving peoples’ quality of life and solving problems, which is why he became a designer. During his study of industrial design at Kyunggi University in Korea, he encountered UX/UI design for the first time through a product ergonomics class. Soon, with increasing interest, he decided to pursue his design career as an interaction designer and started his study at the School of Visual Arts, New York.

As a designer, he believes that three components, user, purpose, and interaction, constitute the user’s experience. He also believes that the user consistently wants an excellent user experience.

Myunghwe believes that even before the term interaction design was coined, designers have essentially interacted with the needs of people of each era. In this era of rapid changes in technology and social environment, his dream is to become a designer who does not forget the basics of design and creates the designs that people really want and need.

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