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Nikhil Singh

Class of 2022


Nikhil aims to tackle real-world problems by creating meaningful user experiences in the form of products and services. With an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, he recalls that it was serendipity that led him to discover design as his true passion. He is a self-taught designer with over 5+ years of experience working for firms like Zomato, RoundGlass and Landmark Group.

As an undergraduate student, Nikhil co-authored a research paper titled “Design and Development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle” which was submitted to the United States Office of Naval Research in San Diego, CA. During his tenure at RoundGlass as a product designer, he won multiple design awards for building a digital platform that empowers individuals with better healthcare and holistic well-being.

As a technologist and a designer, Nikhil now intends to invest his efforts in innovating product solutions that can foster an egalitarian society. He firmly believes that the School of Visual Arts can provide him with the right tools to realize that intention.

In his free time, Nikhil likes to explore new kayaking spots, travel places to capture peoples’ lives using his camera, and read history, philosophy, and politics books.

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