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Cyan Guan headshot

Cyan Guan

Class of 2022


For the past two years, Cyan was a UX designer at Laix, an artificial intelligence company in China that delivers online service to popularize English learning. During this period, he and his team devoted themselves to providing personalized and effective English learning experiences by analyzing different English learners’ needs and feelings. He believed that his work could help solve the shortage of high-quality educational resources in China, as well as the unequal distribution of educational resources in the country.

Prior to this, he was a graphic design student at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. At that time, because of the rapid development of smart devices and studies in interaction design, he was deeply attracted by the study of human-machine interaction and eager to find out how he could improve people’s lives through interaction design.

He feels so lucky to live in a society full of changes and challenges. He is excited about creating new value for society as a designer.

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