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Young Kim headshot

Young Kim

Class of 2023


Young loves to design for people beyond the screens. Since she was little, she has liked people and wanted to understand them. She was curious about how other people would take her words and yearned to know how they comprehend her designs.

After studying graphic design in college, Young aspired to have more interaction with people through design. That’s how she got into the digital product world. As she deepened her expertise in digital interfaces, she started to focus on designing interfaces to be more inclusive, intuitive, and welcoming to everyone.

Young earned BFA in Visual Communication Design from Ewha Women’s University in Korea, and worked in Seoul and Chicago on various interfaces including web, mobile, kiosk, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Prior to SVA, she worked on Korea’s largest business networking platform to design its user community.

Besides design, she keeps journaling and enjoys reading and dancing – K-pop, hip-hop, and Bollywood.

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