Alex Wright



Alex is a writer, designer and researcher who has led UX initiatives for Etsy, The New York Times, IBM, Harvard University, Yahoo!, the Internet Archive, Adobe/Macromedia and frog design, among others. His design work has won an American Graphic Design award, Cool Site of the Year award, the PRSA Silver Anvil, and two Webby nominations. He has also given talks and taught workshops at the Institute of Design-Chicago, Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, Long Now Seminars, Gartner Group, Google, Apple, and Yahoo!, among others.


Liz Danzico

Chair & Co-founder, MFA Interaction Design

Christina Xu

Independent organizational designer and researcher

Criswell Lappin

Founder, WellNow Design + Consulting

Daniel Goddemeyer

Principal, UnitedSituation

Donna Lichaw

Principal/Owner, Greatnorthelectric

Drew Cogbill

Executive Producer, Small Planet Digital

Eric Forman

Student Advisor

Gary Chou

Founder, Orbital

Hilla Katki

Interaction Designer, The New York Times

Irene Pereyra

User Experience Director/Designer, Anton & Irene

Jason Severs

Executive Creative Director, frog

Jeff Gray

Principal, Visby Labs, Inc.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Author, Designing With Web Standards

Jill Nussbaum

Executive Director of Product and Interaction Design, The Barbarian Group

Jodi Leo

VP of Design, CapTap

Joshua Musick

Creative Director, frog

Karen McGrane

Managing Partner, Bond Art + Science

Marshall Sitten

Vice President of Communications, Citi Community Development

Mary Voorhees Meehan

Designer and Partner, Bazazas

Michael Yap

User Experience Strategist, Etsy

Munawar Ahmed

Founder, Blueprint Design

Nicole Fenton

Editor and Strategist

Paul Ford

Independent writer, editor, and programmer

Roger Mader

Organic Growth Strategy Specialist and Innovation Advisor

Renda Morton

Executive Director of Product Design, The New York Times

Matthew Epler

Owner, The Acme Catalog

Emily Goligoski

User Experience Research Lead, The New York Times

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