Matt Borgatti



Matthew Borgatti is Co-founder and Lead Scientist at Super-Releaser, one of the earliest commercial soft robotics development companies. His focus on the development of new architectures and manufacturing methods for soft robots helps build the justification for soft robotic commercialization. At Super-Releaser he developed lightweight compliant structures for better human interaction with drones and proof-of-concept design patterns for universal soft exoskeletons. Matthew’s work in soft robotics has been recognized as groundbreaking - earning him an O’Reilly SOLID Fellowship in 2014.

Through a NASA-funded subcontract, Matthew has prototyped spacesuit wrist dams which function as integrated soft robotic gaskets. In research for next-generation EVA Mechanical Counter-Pressure space suits, these interfaces serve as critical components for NASA’s goal of modular upgrades to existing hardware.

Trained as an industrial designer, Mr. Borgatti professionally designed products for major retailers and robotics startups, and his early work included animatronic monsters for Alien Vs Predator 2: Requiem and Snakes on a Plane. Building customized testing equipment and practical experience with evaluation of prototypes and materials were essential to his process.


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