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We invite you to apply to MFA Interaction Design and we’ve compiled responses to some of the most frequently asked questions over the years.

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What is the deadline for applying?
The deadline to apply for Fall 2024 is January 15, 2024. Please note that the department continues to accept applications after the deadline as space in the program remains available. Read more about the requirements here.

Is MFA Interaction Design a STEM program?
Yes, MFA Interaction Design is a STEM program. It became a STEM program in spring 2018.

How long is the program?
The program is two years (four semesters) long. It begins in September and ends in May.

Can I take electives?
Yes, the tuition allows all students to take one elective per semester (including summer) in any department at SVA, provided there is space remaining. Some classes, however, require permission from the Chair or staff of the program.

Does SVA offer scholarships?
The department distributes partial merit-based scholarships to students entering the fall semester. The receivers of the scholarships are chosen based on the submitted MFA in Interaction Design applications, and no additional forms are necessary. The program also has assistantships available for tuition reimbursement, and internships outside the school available with various companies and design firms.

SVA will match 25% of any outside scholarship, up to $2,500, that a student obtains for enrollment at SVA. This award is available to full-time graduate students.

Read all FAQs here.