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Breaking Down Barriers: The AI Interview Bot Debate and Disability Discrimination

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Creative Circuits, Unexpected Connections: Physical Computing at IxD

Some prospective students may have the impression that the MFA in Interaction Design program only has courses that focus on design. I was...

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Prospective Student FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the program....
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EVOLVE: The 2023 MFA Interaction Design Thesis Festival

Please join us in celebrating “EVOLVE,” the School of Visual Arts’ 2023 MFA Interaction Design Thesis Festival. The culmination of the two-year program, the Festival...

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Top Three Most Frequently Asked Questions for Incoming Students

Clear and concise answers for the top three most frequently asked questions incoming students have....
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4 things I wish I’d known about preparing for graduate school in the U.S.

As an “older” female graduating from non-design majors in China who has gapped for four years, I am fortunate to be able to...

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How did I come to SVA IXD? — The story of the days until coming to SVA

Time flies so fast. My first semester in SVA IXD has already passed, and the second semester began three weeks ago. Honestly, even...

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How to overcome Imposter Syndrome as a UXD internship seeker

Imposter syndrome is the experience of feeling like a phony. You feel as though at any moment you will be found out as...

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My Journey with Meditation

Meditation was something that I had always heard about since I was a child. I would always picture it as something only the...

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3 Lessons I Learned Spending 6 Years in the US

My Journey: I was born and raised in Shenzhen, China. In August 2016, I came to the US with my large and heavy...

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Beyond design thinking

In September 2021, I started my MFA in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts. Coming from a communication design background, I...

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A Tale of Two Whoopi’s / How My Hyena Laugh Got Its Groove Back

I was fifteen years old sitting in my sophomore year English class when I first saw it. The smart board flickered on and...