Jason Severs

Framing User Experiences, First Year


Over the past nine years, Jason has been responsible for the creative culture and quality in frog’s New York studio and is also a global leader in frog's Design Research and Experience Strategy practices. He has helped to establish these as core services among frog's diverse process and portfolio. Jason brings all the skills to bear as the studio lead and is responsible for promoting a holistic perspective for his design teams to ensure customer/user needs and businesses objectives – as well as the rest of the value chain from manufacturers to service vendors – are understood and translated into feasible design outcomes. He has worked with every industry that frog services such as automotive (connected driving experiences), set-top box (hardware and interface), brand strategy, education in the home, healthcare enterprise solutions, nutritional guidance, organizational collaboration, mobile B2B for finance service professionals and aviation engineers, mobile banking, and telepresence. His past clients include American Express, AT&T, Banco Indusval, Bloomberg, CA, Chrysler/Fiat, Colgate Cox Communications, Foundation Medicine, The Economist, ETS, Equinox, Gatorade, GE, Guide Investementos, Humana, HP, IPC, Johnson and Johnson, LG, Microsoft, PepsiCo’s Global Nutrition Group, Sandisk, Thomson Reuters, and Vonage.

Before joining frog, Jason worked with Bruce Mau at the Institute without Boundaries on the project Massive Change. The core mission of this project was to communicate the future of design as a transformative capacity that exists within each of us, as well as design’s impact on areas such as health and wellness, urban planning, global markets, the military, and the future of public and personal transportation.

As Design Technologist at Conde' Nast properties Wired and Modern Bride he designed and developed digital marketing applications. Jason also works as a freelance illustrator, most recently doing two books for theoretical physicist Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos and The Hidden Reality doing data visualizations and illustrations illustrate his texts on string theory.

Jason cut his teeth in research at Columbia University working for the Center for New Media Teaching and Learning developing courseware and distance learning applications using research techniques such as ethnography and longitudinal studies – as well as various forms of cognitive and usability testing in HCI – with students as they move through a typical school year.