Lauren Eve Cantor

Designing a Business, First Year


Driven by a relentless curiosity, I am a hybrid thinker: one part creative, one part technologist, and one part capitalist. I am a multi-disciplinary strategist with a focus on venture design and innovation. I have worked to compile a deep skill set across several disciplines, and as a result, I have a unique perspective and an ability to make insightful and innovative connections. I am an analytical and creative thinker with the ability to quickly synthesize complex information into actionable, compelling insights that connect culture, business goals, and consumer values.

After completing my MFA as Designer + Entrepreneur, I founded my own creative consulting firm, where we work with companies to create new business strategies or redesign existing ones by tackling issues of human-centered design, culture, or strategy, all with an eye toward foresight, and scale. We continue to work with several global brands, and our goal is to make an impact through positive change.

I am passionate about design, culture, and business, and I have the ability to see the big picture while also focusing on the details. I like getting my hands dirty, rolling up my sleeves, and working in teams. I am a storyteller with the ability to articulate complex problems to a varied audience, in both visual and verbal presentations. I am a translator, a connector, and a liaison. I thrive in fast-paced environments, and I am a meticulous manager of timelines and expectations. I lead with listening. I am obsessed with pop culture, technology, and podcasts.

My specialties include venture design, innovation, culture, systems thinking, design research, operations, logistics, project management, product management, business model design, risk management, prototyping, market research, collaboration, operations, client outreach, thought leadership, and managing cross-functional teams.