Balloon To Do

Made by Brynn Shepherd David Thonis


Balloon To Do is a smarter to-do list that keeps you on track, visualizes your workload, and makes your workspace a little more fun.

To start this project, we asked the question: how might we make to-do lists more fun, while still encouraging productivity? What might a physical to-do list be able to do that digital ones can’t?

During our research we learned that most existing to-do lists don’t do much to hold you accountable and aren’t that fun to interact with; people often associate them with work and stress. Additionally, we realized that in collaborative environments such as our studio, it’s useful to indicate how busy you are to other people, but this is often difficult. You can put on headphones, but that's about it.

Balloon To-Do is a smarter to-do list that attempts to solve these problems. As you add items to the app, corresponding balloons inflate, color-coded by category. When you check off an item, its balloon deflates, but if its deadline passes first, the balloon pops!


Balloon To Do

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