A system for visually impaired students learning math and science

Made by Karen Ng

Charted is a dynamic system that addresses limitations for visually impaired students who are learning math and science. While other technologies, such as VoiceOver or OCR, have done an admirable job at making text accessible to the visually impaired, these students still often struggle in math and science because these topics rely heavily on visuals such as shapes, graphs, and diagrams to convey information and concepts.

Charted bridges the gap of their inability to see visuals by offering an alternative that allows students to touch and interact directly with the graphics to receive audible and tactile feedback that is comparable to the information available to sighted individuals.

Charted includes software for students to use along with the tactile tablet. The software includes accessibility features -- such as a screen reader and the ability to adjust zoom, contrast, or text size -- so that it can accommodate students with a variety of vision disabilities.

Charted Creator is software that allows individuals (e.g., teachers of visually impaired students, visual interpreters, or publishing houses) to create Charted-compatible assets by entering data. The entered data is then stored in Charted’s database and made accessible to visually impaired students everywhere. The software also allows uploading data from programs like Microsoft Excel.


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