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Cinematic Dining


Dining out is about more than just eating. Cinematic Dining invites users to discover their palette through memorable movie and television scenes shot in New York City.

Utilizing location databases, fondness of film, and eating out in Manhattan, Cinematic Dining was designed as a service that inspires the user to explore iconic restaurants as shown in Hollywood films. As an alternative to Yelp or Zagat, restaurants are selected based on television and movie scenes that resonate with the user. Scenes were hand-selected from actual New York City restaurants to create a location database that did not previously exist.

Cinematic Dining can serve both a way for solo users to possibly meet other movie aficionados or as great new way to entertain out-of-town guests. Patrons can recreate their own movie experiences by reviewing and sharing their post-Cinematic Dining experience within the reviewers’ community.

Cinematic Dining was built as a final project for Slow Code. The project team consisted of Michie Cao, Sarah Henry, and Nga Nguyen. We combined our individual ideas from previous projects, which