Ditto / Communication Device

Made by Shixiao Wang Chelsea Stewart Adem Onalan


We now live in a world that has more connections than ever before. We are texting, tweeting, facebooking, blogging and more. Although these advancements attempt to make our lives better, they can also be the crux of social distraction. Sometimes we only need to say hello to someone or ask them how they are doing, especially when these are the people we care most about. We have begun to lose sight of the connections between us, our closest friends, and family.

This project began by researching the role of long distance relationships with friends, family and significant others. Through user testing we learnt that, in most situations, we wish mainly to communicate with loved ones. We feel the need to tell loved ones "Hi", "I love you" or "Thinking of you" while in a meeting, at school or during events where cell phone use is inappropriate or unsuitable. This device aims to create the freedom to always stay in touch with the people who matter the most.

Ditto is small portable totem devices that can be synced with your phone and carried with you, allowing you to freely ping your loved ones. It comes in three different communication options, Uno, Tres and Cuatro, and allows you use in moments when the the phone is inappropriate, unnecessary or unavailable. Each device pings to one or several specific users and they can ping back. Ditto Uno, a special device for couples, receives communications by rotating into a heart shape and blinking, Ditto Tres and Cuatro both blink and vibrate to indicate a message to the user. Each device is induction charged and comes special ordered with engraved initials (Uno on both sides, Tres and Cuatro are engraved only on one side). Ditto comes in many different types of material finishings which can be customized and changed according to preference.

This device makes our lives stronger by capitalizing on times or moments in which you need to connect with loved ones, but do not have the time or need to carry a long conversation out. It's the perfect way to stay in touch and find time during the busy workday / school hours to simply tell the ones you love "Hi" or "I'm thinking of you.