A mobile application that helps people find podcasts

Made by Datrianna Meeks

Earshot is a mobile application that helps people find podcasts that resonate with them.

Podcasts are more than just audio. They take us out of our own lives and allow us to learn about new people and ideas. Podcasts often cover news and stories that aren’t typically amplified in traditional media, but are equally deserving of being shared.

Currently, lesser known podcasts are hard to discover and searching for new shows can be overwhelming. Existing podcast apps focus on the player and sharing clips, overlooking the other things we can do like make recommendations, interact with friends, discuss, and create playlists.

With Earshot, you can offload the work of discovering new podcasts and focus on listening. Earshot gives you the personalized listening experience you deserve by learning what you like and recommending new podcasts based on your preferences. It also allows you to see what your friends are listening to and share your listening experience with the people who matter most.

Key User Needs

  • A way to connect over podcasts and have friends be part of the experience
  • A pulse on your friends’ listening activity so that you can discuss shows without spoiling them
  • Recommendations for moments when you’re not sure what to listen to Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Offload the work of discovering
  • Personalized experience
    • Friends are a source of recommendation
    • Rate podcasts and influence your recommendations

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