Fluorescent Notes

Made by Sana Rao

This project was the result of a brief of creating something centered around the work publish and New York City. So, Inspired by scattered-ness of new york city and this quote: “A poem is never finished, only abandoned.” I started writing non linear poetry, which can be arranged in a way they it meant to be read, but can be read in any way the reader wishes to. The challenge for me was dealing with poetry, which is something I love and comes naturally to me, and building a tool for creating it, through a medium that i’m completely new to. So poetry formed the structure for me to learn basics of code.

The final product, is an infinite canvas display with the ability to continuously create, alter and merge non-linear poems. Each string has a set of meta data attached to it which pulls up in a drawer when needed, including the geotagged location, weather, connecting image, and date. Any of which can then be used for search later, as tags through the search function.

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