Happy Path
An education platform that helps young creatives establish and maintain a path to financial security.

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Helping young creatives establish and maintain a path to financial security.

For young creative professionals to survive and thrive in today’s environment, knowledge of personal finance is a necessity. The problem is most college graduates are entirely unprepared to manage their financial life – leading to unwise decisions that could haunt them for years.

Happy Path is a community-based, higher education platform that’s mission is to help young creatives accomplish their life goals by offering a path of least resistance to financial security. Our holistic approach to personal finance enables young creatives to make better financial decisions and take the necessary steps to accumulate wealth:

Life map — Set your goals and see how investing can make them happen.

Situational Education modules — Make better financial decisions with personalized education frameworks designed by certified financial advisors.

My Money — Track and manage your financial life and anonymously compare your behavior to your peers.

Alumni network — Connect with certified alumni to get advice on how they conquered their financial challenges.

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