Li’l Stories
A storytelling framework for young children

Made by Anke Stohlmann

Public elementary schools today focus on skill-based learning to meet standardized test requirements. There is no more time for play or creativity.

Li’l Stories allows elementary school teachers to do both — teach the skills of reading and writing and foster creativity. Children love stories and use them to make sense of the world. When creating stories around content they have learned in school or at home, they are strengthening and building upon what they have learned.

Li’l Stories is a flexible system that can be integrated into the classroom in different ways. It utilizes stories as a learning tool and helps teachers teach English Language Arts in a fun and engaging way. They can reach different types of learners through the visual and oral expressions of storytelling. Young children move fluidly between creating in the physical world, to capturing and sharing in the digital.

27 The Graduate Show Anke Stohlmann presents Li'l Stories

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