Made by Abhinav Sircar




An IoT-connected medication dispenser with built-in Voice UI that personalizes the medication experience for elderly patients.

Medication non-adherence is a massive problem in the U.S. healthcare system. It causes an unnecessary expenditure of $290 billion dollars annually. It is especially relevant for elderly patients who suffer from chronic conditions and need to take multiple medications every day. Issues include forgetfulness, difficulty in managing multiple medications, lack of knowledge about their medical condition, and low motivation.

Medicube builds upon the existing innovation of multi-dose packaging by pharmacies like PillPack. It is an IoT-connected medicine dispenser with a built-in voice assistant that provides patients with personalized, timely medicine reminders along with necessary information. It provides effective incentives for patients to motivate them to adhere to their medication regime. Medicube also provides a platform for caregivers to closely monitor the health of their patients or loved ones, while still respecting patients' personal independence.