Monster Problems
A platform that teaches children the steps of problem solving through fun and interactive stories.

Made by Gianmarco Ramos



Children face challenges every day, such as getting ready for school on time, forgetting lunch at home, or deciding what to do when another kid is looking at their tests. It becomes a real issue when kids don't have basic problem-solving skills or cannot break down challenges into manageable actions. In these cases they may give up, get stressed, avoid taking action, or ask someone else like a teacher or parent to solve the problem for them.

Monster Problems is a platform for elementary school kids that teaches the steps of problem-solving methodology in a fun way. This educational tool not only includes problem-solving stories, but also allows parents and children to create new scenarios. Kids will learn the steps to tackle everyday problems and reflect on how those stories are connected to their own lives. Understanding each step will help children sharpen their critical thinking skills to better serve them along their journey in problem solving.

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