A New Experience in Making Music

Made by Shixiao Wang

MuseX is an app that utilizes the user's voice as an instrument to create layered musical tracks.

Though everyone listens to music, few know how to actually construct a song. Some people think you have to master a musical instrument – like the piano – or learn complicated software in order to be able to create music. With new technology at our fingertips, it’s time to democratize the music making process. With MuseX, making music is no longer limited to composers or musicians. 

MuseX works by breaking down songs into layered tracks, which the user can edit or add to simply by humming along. Users record their voice, then convert the track to a selected musical instrument. Multiple tracks layered together form a song. The user may start from scratch or select from a wide range of ready-made songs, which they can freely edit. MuseX provides an end-to-end experience – from listening to a favorite track to creating your own masterpiece – and brings the joy of music making into the hands of people everywhere.

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