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An app to help shoppers find products in local stores


Nearbuy is a local shopping app designed to make shopping at small businesses a simple, compelling and convenient option — rather than just a nice idea for the civic-minded.

By providing shoppers with an up-to-date, searchable interface that aggregates the inventories of their neighborhood retail stores, Nearbuy eliminates the guesswork and disappointment that so frequently drive shoppers to make more and more of their purchases at chain stores or over the internet. Shopping locally can be an exercise in disappointment and compromise, especially if you’re looking for something specific. Who sells it? Do they have it in stock? Are they open now? It’s easy to lose patience — who’s got all day to crisscross the city trying to hunt down whatever it is you’re looking for? Before you give up and turn to the internet, try Nearbuy.

And by automatically calculating the best route to the closest store, Nearbuy provides at-a-glance, actionable data fine-tuned to the unique shopping needs of harried city-dwellers.

In this way, Nearbuy offers small businesses a competitive advantage in a fight that’s largely stacked against them, given prevailing market forces such as skyrocketing commercial rents and ever-increasing competition for consumer mindshare.

This matters because a win for small business is a win for New York: local retailers help preserve the city’s vibrant, unique character and safe, affordable neighborhoods.