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A fantasy game that unfolds in real-time with the Olympic Games.

Players compete with friends to predict the winners of each event. Unlike other fantasy games, Olympion educates players about the rules and athletes of the many unknown sporting events in the Olympics.

People can participate by playing individually or inviting friends to play together as nation. Once their teams are set up, they will join a League to compete for points.

Every day, teams can predict the results for up to six events. The harder it is to predict a result, the bigger the number of points the player can earn. In order to win the maximum amount of points every day, players will need to choose wisely. Information and rules are provided about each sport, along with stats about the athletes to help with the tough decisions. Players receive notifications when it’s time to place a prediction or to see the results.

Playing Olympion is a great way to feel more connected to the Olympics, interact with friends and learn about some lesser known but incredibly talented athletes and the sports they compete in.

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