A service for teens to explore their identity

Made by Amy Wu



Teens today have overpacked schedules. While much is asked of them from extra-curricular activities to preparing for college, some, depending on socioeconomic standing, may lack resources to obtain a fulfilling education. Youth programs try to supplement these gaps in the system, but there is a disconnect between the initiatives and teens.

Peer gives teens autonomy outside of their home and school life and help them develop a sense of self. It comprises three tracks: Look, Find, and Do

In the Look track, teens are connected to mentors through videos and social media. 

In the Find track, teens can dive into a particular field of study to see different roadmaps on how to get there. 

And finally, in the Do track, teens sign up for different youth opportunities, such as free workshops, community service, or internships within their community in order to explore their interests.

25 The Graduate Show Amy Wu presents peer

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