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A powerful AI platform that empowers influencers to protect their privacy and take back control of their digital assets right.
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Sharing cherished moments on social media is an integral part of an influencer’s life. Unfortunately, they underestimate the risks of their private information being leaked, like their home address or bank information, when posting unassuming pictures on social media. It’s also worth noting that there are NO significant laws, online security companies, or identity theft protection services that can help people when their digital content is at risk.

How can we protect our online privacy and digital content from online scammers and crooks?

PrivateHood empowers users to track their digital information from data breaches and fight against scammers. It is a powerful AI platform that uses facial recognition and reverse image search technology to provide the highest protection for a user’s private information 24/7. There is also a suite of tools and services to help manage a user’s online presence and provide legal support.

PrivateHood helps protect your online presence from those that want to harm you on social media and the web.