Summer Intensive in Interaction Design

by MFA IXD June 6, 2009

We are pleased to announce a new summer program, the Summer Intensive in Interaction Design, a month-long intensive to take place as part of the Summer Continuing Education courses at SVA.

The summer program gives 15 students an opportunity to engage in an intensive exploration of interaction design. Over the course of the month, students investigate three critical areas: communication design, the practice of interaction design, and practical programming. Bringing together renowned designers and thinkers through studio-based work and lectures, the program allows flexibility for students to focus on one track or all three by unifying the program with a single theme.

Whether entering a graduate program or continuing as a professional, participants engaged in the program develop a deeper engagement with concepts and methods for designing interactions.

Course Descriptions

Elements of Communication Design Instructor: Nicholas Felton Tuesday, July 7-July 28 6:00PM-9:00PM This course will introduce, over a series of weeks, some of the fundamental elements of clear communication design. It will begin with an overview of typographic standards and best practices, followed by an examination and exploration of grid systems. Week three will focus on information design and the tools for visually communicating data. Week four will integrate these fundamentals into a final class-based assignment that works with the larger theme for the program.

Practice of Interaction Design Instructor: Carla Diana Wednesday, July 8-July 29 6:00PM-9:00PM Over the course of four weeks, this course will explore the relationship among people, objects, and information through the field of interaction design. Beginning with an examination of case studies, students will gain a sense of the breadth of interaction design practice. In a series of hands-on, studio-based exercises, students will gain exposure to critical parts of the design process while learning specific methods for human-centered concept exploration and the development of product behaviors. The course will culminate in a final project that incorporates major principles of interaction design and fits within the context of a larger, track-independent theme.

Practical Programming for Design Instructor: Ian Curry Thursday, July 9-July 30 6:00PM-9:00PM
This course is a primer in practical programming for people with minimal or no experience with code. Emphasizing hands-on encounters with code, the class is an intensive introduction to common programming practices in HTML/CSS and Flash. The course will also provide strategies to help students become more confident in learning these and other programming languages independently. Through a series of demos and exercises building up to a final project, this course will connect interaction design and programming, and help students unlock the creative potential of code.

Students can register for one course or all three. The cost of one course is $1,400, or $3,600 for the full Summer Intensive. For more information on Continuing Education classes, including the registration process, financial aid help, and more, visit Continuing Education or get in touch with the department at interactiondesign at sva dot edu.>You can register at the Continuing Education site.

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