They say “Do not stop writing”

by MFA IXD February 9, 2016

Reblogged from elushika:

I only write when I have to. I know writing is important, especially when you must discuss your process as a designer. Applying for internships have begun and that means, dreaded cover letters — the part where I have to write about myself. They ask to ‘tell a story’.

In our entrepreneurial class, my instructors Gary and Christina recommended an article written by Josh Seiden on “How to Write” (highly recommend it). He mentions ‘the rule.’ You must write for 20 minutes and “DO NOT STOP WRITING UNTIL THE TIMER IS DONE”. For me, this sounded dreadful, anxious and scary. From the beginning, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

I switched off my computer. I had a notebook and pen. I started a timer for 20 minutes and I started. At first, I was staring at a blank page for a few seconds, then I remember thinking to myself, ‘I should write something.’ After writing the title (as it needed some explanation), I wrote “I have no idea how to start this” and I rambled on for three pages on cover letters and things I wanted to do.

I was relieved when the timer went off. I did not feel good. I felt an immense pressure to write something and my mind was just blank. Seiden mentions in his article if you do not have anything to write, then just write “I have nothing to say.” When we get bored that sentence repeatedly we would write something else. I have not given up yet, I will give this method a try few more times.

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