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And we are back for another semester

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NYC cityscape photo for blog post about the start of another semester
NYC cityscape photo for blog post about the start of another semester

These some of the things we have in store for this semester. Spring 2016 will bring us new challengers and projects that we are all eager to work on.

The class of 2017 is back from a well rested break, with full speed. Some of us when back home to spend time with our family and the rest of us visited a whole new city with new people. Are we glad to be back? Yes, we are. Spring 2016 started with a packed week, with very intriguing classes.

For our smart objects class we have the pleasure with partnering up with the Product of Design students to design a ‘smart’ product in a specific area. Design in public spaces, is to improve a hub called LinkNYC, which serves 1GB of free wifi within a certain distance.

Entrepreneurial design, challenges us with the big ‘$1000 project’, that requires us to design a product and find at least 50 Kickstarter backers. Thesis thinking, brings us a new client with a research project, that is NPR. They have completed a thorough detailed research about their users and our goal is to synthesis the data and design new opportunities.

In addition, we have some great talks coming our way. The famous, Ellen Lupton will be visiting us and also Nicholas Felton, an infographic master will be gracing us with his presence.

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